2018-2019 Hamann Soltador Cruiser – exclusive bike from 2018-2019 Hamann

2018-2019 Hamann Soltador Cruiser – exclusive bike from 2018-2019 Hamann

Workshop tuning 2018-2019 Hamann unveiled custom motorcycle called Soltador Cruiser. Previously, specialists engaged in transformation of cars and 2-wheel assembly works of technological art were not seen, but the March 83, Geneva Motor Show, they have prepared an exclusive motorcycle project.

2018-2019 Hamann Soltador Cruiser received the Harley Davidson Twin Cam engine volume of 1900 cubic centimeters, which develops power of 160 hp at 2380 rev / min and torque of 112 Nm. Get these characteristics allow the control unit from Thundermax and developed by 2018-2019 Hamann air filter. The motor is combined with a 6-speed gearbox, and torque is realized by means of a belt drive NH Power.

Frame Race Edition, exhaust system, suspension, rims and accessories – of studio effort. Front tire kastomov Soltador Cruiser has a size of 130 / 60R18. The rear wheel is much more impressive: 280 / 35R18. Disk Width 2018-2019 Hamann Anodized Race Edition, by itself, is also different. a front rim disk width some 4.5 inches, 10 inches behind. The topic of registration of the motorcycle began to moments in the history of Porsche.

Weight 2018-2019 Hamann Soltador Cruiser with technical fluids is 305 kg, with a powerful engine that copes easily. According to the company, the motorcycle accelerates to a hundred kilometers per hour in 3.3 seconds. With regard to maximum speed, then its value is sufficient …. Such formulations adhere to 2018-2019 Hamann. Studio plans to release a few custom bikes Soltador at a price of 120 thousand euros.

Photo 2018-2019 Hamann Soltador Cruiser