2018-2019 Ford Super Duty

2018-2019 Ford Super Duty

2018-2019 Ford has unveiled pickups F-Series Super Duty model year, the main feature of which was the upgraded diesel engine V8 Power Stroke. Motor came under the hood of a truck in , since the engineers worked to improve engine performance. It takes into account the opinion of car buyers. Pickups F-Series is the leader in sales in the US automotive market.

Diesel volume of 6.7 liters developed 400 horsepower and 1084 Nm of torque, which was enough even for the 2018-2019 Ford F-450 with a 172-inch wheelbase and a 2-pitched busbar rear axle. In the US, this SUV is often used as a tractor unit for excellent towing capabilities. Vehicle equipped with a special fifth wheel, referred to as the “fifth wheel.”

Having a «fifth-wheel», 450h is able to tow a trailer full weight of 11 tons. Now, the power unit is now even more powerful and high-torque. A more efficient supercharger replaced the previous model GT37 GT32. Turbocharged not limited to, modifying the fuel system and cooling. 6-speed automatic transmission 6R140 TorqShift features a new torque converter. Fuel consumption and the exact characteristics of the manufacturer will announce closer to the beginning of sales of the updated truck.

The working machine is prepared for extreme loads. All units of a pickup can be described by the word “enhanced”. This definition is suitable and rear suspension with springs to withstand the enormous weight of various cargo in the back (the maximum capacity is 3.3 tons). Obut F-450 Super Duty in the 19.5-inch wheels, this dimension is typical for commercial trucks.

Work with comfort and pleasure will allow well-equipped King Ranch grade with a luxurious interior, trimmed with leather brown. Packaging is named after the largest US ranch, founded in 1853. In its area located in the Texas ranch bigger than the state of Rhode Island, and its sign adorns the back seat and the center console pickups.

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