2018-2019 Ford S-MAX Concept

By the motor show in Frankfurt, 2018-2019 Ford produced a concept of the future generation of the model S-MAX, which gives a distinct idea of ​​the upcoming renewal of the car. The exhibition gave a sample of the maximum innovation. The prototype can monitor the health of a person and is perhaps the medical laboratory on wheels.

Minivan 2018-2019 Ford S-MAX has appeared in 2006 and immediately became very popular among European buyers. In 2007, the model was named European Car of the Year. Design of new items incorporated the corporate features of other modern American brand cars, including the radiator grille in the style of the new Fiesta. In addition to rapid eye-catching profile with pronounced shoulder line should pay attention to the huge windshield, turning into a transparent roof.

Convertible salon offers from 4 to 7 seats and gives residents a magnificent space. On materials are not saved by using the soft skin, even for finishing the front panel. The concept has individual seats for all passengers to the central seat of the second row, retractable floor. The third row is also very special, made-to-Thin Seat technology that involves minimal force to its transformation.

Multimedia system 2018-2019 Ford Sync voice-controlled and a large touch screen Dual-View (displays different images for the driver and passengers at the same time) is the center of a lot of cars advanced features. With built-in driver’s seat sensor device monitors the heart rate and contact with health professionals as needed. More to the system, you can connect the machine to measure the blood glucose level.

For safety when driving collision avoidance system responds with the right to apply the brakes, the driver is not waiting for the reaction to the threat of a collision. Car Electronics will help in the process of parking, and the manufacturer has introduced a system of transport communication means with each other, too, intended to improve traffic safety.

«S-MAX Concept shows what technology, 2018-2019 Ford is ready to offer its customers in the next generation of cars. In S-MAX uncompromising combination of style, flexibility and excellent security “, – said the representative of the manufacturer.

Photos 2018-2019 Ford S-MAX Concept