2018-2019 Ford Mustang 50 Year

2018-2019 Ford Mustang is one of the iconic American sports car. 50th anniversary model, the company has decided to celebrate the release of a special limited edition. Just a light sports car will be released in 1964 jubilee. This number is not chosen by chance, it symbolizes the year of the beginning of series production model, which has a lot of fans in the world.

Cars Limited series are based on the coupe Mustang GT , with the package Performance Pack. The founder of Class “Pony Car” is available in blue or Wimbledon Kona white. In earlier times, finish chrome exterior parts of the car was much more popular than it is now, so the sports car was left without a shiny ornaments.

The manufacturer showed his sense of proportion and a chrome decor abuse did not. Especially good chrome emphasizing the glazing line, taillights and grille, looks on the Mustang, painted in blue color.

2018-2019 Ford Mustang 50 Year received alloy wheels of 19 inches with a Y-shaped pattern of the spokes, the same disk design was the first generation of cars. Contact with the road is carried out with the help of Pirelli P-Zero dimension 255 / 40R19 sport tires on the front axle and 275 / 40R19 at the rear. Part of the Performance Pack is a tenacious Brembo brake system with 6-piston calipers up front.

The movement of the anniversary 2018-2019 Ford Mustang leads naturally aspirated V8 engine volume of 5 liters, which develops 420 horsepower and 529 Nm of torque. The buyer can choose the gearbox like. Alternative 6-band machine, combined with a limited slip differential (gear ratio of 3.55: 1) was the 6-speed manual with differential Torsen (3.73: 1).

The front panel is in the cabin is trimmed with aluminum Mustang, the right side of her was placed a plate with the serial number of a particular sports car from 1 to 1964. The seats are covered with a combination of cashmere and leather of contrasting colors and logo on the backside there is a special edition. For exclusive cars already formed a queue of the most loyal fans of the model, which in the “blue oval” further provided a special leather folder for storing the service book.

Photos 2018-2019 Ford Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition