2018-2019 Ford GRAND C-MAX – the 2018-2019 Ford hybrid models

2018-2019 Ford plans to launch a hybrid model 2018-2019 Ford C-MAX in Europe by year. The automaker from Detroit said that both hybrid variant C-MAX and Grand C-MAX will be built at the plant in Valencia (Spain). The company plans to invest in the project for three years, about $ 410 million (€ 300 million).

The plant in Valencia will also be releasing a 7-seater minibus version called Grand C-MAX for export to North America by the end of .

“Equipment for the production of hybrid 2018-2019 Ford C-MAX is good news for the plant in Valencia is good news not only for Spain but also for the whole of Europe.” – Said John Fleming, CEO of 2018-2019 Ford of Europe

“New advanced technologies are key to the provision of alternative vehicles 2018-2019 Ford around the world, and for European consumers in the next few years,” – said John Fleming.

2018-2019 Ford also plans to introduce another hybrid model information which will be later.

The new 5-seat C-MAX and its big brother, the 7-seater – Grand C-MAX will be available in Europe in the second half of , and in North America in late .

Picture 2018-2019 Ford GRAND C-MAX