2018-2019 Ford Focus – New 2018-2019 Ford Focus Presented in Paris

2018-2019 Ford Focus – New 2018-2019 Ford Focus Presented in Paris

2018-2019 Ford has published information about the new line of 2018-2019 Ford Focus. This is the basic model of the company for the C-segment, on a platform which will produce 10 cars, and production for will reach 2 million digits.

“Presentation of the new Focus range in all three bodies at the Paris Motor Show – this is another key step in our international strategy for the C segment,” – said Derrick Kuzak. “Just a few months will begin production of the new Focus in our factories in Saarlouse and Michigan, so we will start the implementation of the production of our 10 new car plan based on a global platform.”

2018-2019 Ford Focus – a new, more technological, more comfortable and more aesthetic creation from 2018-2019 Ford. The line will be equipped with different Focus petrol and diesel engines, which have become even more productive, more efficient and less harmful to the environment.

2018-2019 Ford Focus is equipped with a modern security system: collision avoidance, active park assist, traction control in turns and a descent with a warning strip with leveling. How responsibly and efficiently 2018-2019 Ford refers to security, it can be estimated from the stunning results of crash-test the Fiesta in the 2018-2019 Ford .

Sales 2018-2019 Ford Focus will begin in the first quarter of . If you want to know more information, please download the press release in Russian .

The new 2018-2019 Ford Focus Photography