2018-2019 Ford Focus Electric – Electric Focus

2018-2019 Ford Focus Electric – Electric Focus

2018-2019 Ford Motor Company is the world’s first all-electric passenger car companies 2018-2019 Ford Focus Electric. 2018-2019 Ford says that the Focus Electric flagship of a growing fleet of hybrid and fully electric vehicles companies, five of which will be in Europe and the US by .

  • The new 2018-2019 Ford Focus Electric is the first all-electric passenger vehicle 2018-2019 Ford and one of five new electrified vehicles 2018-2019 Ford is set to appear on the markets of Europe and North America by
  • Focus Electric offers a better performance than the Chevrolet Volt and will compete with other brands of electric vehicles
  • 2018-2019 Ford Focus Electric will be fully charged in 3-4 hours from a conventional household outlet – two times faster than the Nissan Leaf
  • The new Focus Electric offers a charger to save energy during optimal battery mode
  • Focus Electric complement the remote monitoring of the electric system functions using a smartphone

The new 2018-2019 Ford Focus Electric does not only offer outstanding energy efficiency and reliable performance, but also a real pleasure to drive. The electric motor has excellent characteristics that allows for smooth, with excellent continuous acceleration using a single-stage transmission to disperse the car to 136 kilometers per hour maximum speed.

One platform, introduced in , which established the Focus Electric’s complete with electric drive provides handling and dynamics similar to the petrol version, but the lack of a conventional engine and create excellent aerodynamics when driving extremely quiet comfort.

Among the features worth noting the Focus Electric My2018-2019 Ford Touch a unique information system, which is using a smartphone software My2018-2019 Ford Mobile App, or through the web interface allows the driver:

  • Instantly receive information about the condition of the car
  • Remotely perform the basic functions
  • View battery charging process
  • Configure Battery program and load the data for analysis
  • Receive email updates for the small balance of energy and end of the charging process

The system also allows for charging the battery select the desired temperature in the car by a certain time. By the time the driver during the cold season in Focus Electric will be warm, and cool in hot weather.

The light ring around the connection point is battery mode alarm. Flashing ring informs on the process of the battery, and when the ring is continuously lit, the battery is fully charged.

Lithium-ion battery developed by 2018-2019 Ford in collaboration with LG Chem. To maintain the most efficient use of the battery during operation of the battery 2018-2019 Ford Focus Electric is maintained in the optimal temperature range. System or cools it in the hottest time of year, or warms in the cold.

“Focus Electric is the culmination of many years of research”, Kuzak said. “More importantly, it is the beginning of a new era for 2018-2019 Ford and for our customers.”

For the US market, and the petrol and electric new Focus will produce 2018-2019 Ford plant in Michigan. The discussion about the place of assembly of the new Focus for the European market is being completed. The release of the car is planned for the end of .

Photo 2018-2019 Ford Focus Electric