2018-2019 Ford Fiesta eWheelDrive – 2018-2019 Ford Fiesta with motors in the wheels

The German company Schaeffler and 2018-2019 Ford presented hatchback Fiesta eWheelDrive, which seriously differs from the series. Experts are working on the city car of the future and aim to create an efficient vehicle with zero emissions. Technology implemented in the concept, will help to solve the parking problem, as it will be possible to reduce the size of the car.

2018-2019 Ford Fiesta eWheelDrive has no internal combustion engine or an electric motor with a conventional transmission. Each rear wheel of the concept is an electric motor. Total capacity is 81 kW (110 hp) with a torque of 700 Nm. The main advantage of its project developers call the integration of compact motors in the wheels with brakes and cooling system.

The total weight of the wheels dimension of 16 inches with all the components equals 53 kilograms, which is only 8 kilograms heavier than conventional wheels of the same size with the hub assembly. The batteries are located under the hood of the prototype, but in the future will take the batteries under the floor, thereby effectively making it unnecessary engine compartment.

Here lies the secret of reducing the size of the car, which should have a positive impact on the ability of its parking. According to forecasts, by 2050 the number of people living in cities is expected to increase from 3.4 to 6.4 billion, and the number of cars will increase four times. In any case, the parking problem will only worsen.

Director of the 2018-2019 Ford Research and Advanced Engineering in Europe Pim van der Yagt said the automaker’s work with the company Schaeffler opens up new prospects for the creation of environmentally friendly vehicles. Already now we can look forward to check the possibility of such cars together to find solutions to the problems encountered during the implementation of projects.

Featured hatchback 2018-2019 Ford Fiesta eWheelDrive will assess the dynamics of the car with electric motors in the wheels, braking, road behavior and energy efficiency. By , the developers promise to release two more prototypes.

Picture 2018-2019 Ford Fiesta eWheelDrive