2018-2019 Ford Fiesta ECOnetic – a potential leader of sales in Europe

2018-2019 Ford Fiesta ECOnetic joined the ranks of modern fuel-efficient cars. The technology, without compromising on comfort and dynamics of a compact city car, equipped with a diesel engine with extremely low fuel consumption and minimize carbon dioxide emissions.

Stephen Odell, head of the European division of the 2018-2019 Ford , already predicted the new Fiesta ECOnetic has a great future and popularity. According to him, customers will receive an economical and environmentally friendly car, outstanding performance is achieved without compromising the high quality of driving.

The new European Fiesta is equipped with a diesel engine Duratorq TDCi 1.6-liter working volume, capacity 94 horsepower and maximum torque of 205 Nm. Due technology ECOnetic engine consumes just 3.3 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers.

Emissions 2018-2019 Ford Fiesta ECOnetic about 87 grams per kilometer. Such measures help to provide an upgraded gearbox, special engine tuning, lowered suspension, good aerodynamics and tires with low rolling resistance.

The power unit is the most economical in the history of the Fiesta is equipped with a control system start-stop, which shuts off the engine at short stops in traffic jams and at traffic lights. Thanks to the fuel consumption in urban driving conditions is reduced significantly.

In addition, the effectiveness of the new Fiesta ECOnetic promotes energy recovery system, which during braking and coasting converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, thus replenishing the battery reserves and facilitating the work of the diesel engine.

According to the plans of 2018-2019 Ford, on eco-friendly and fuel-efficient models ECOnetic will account for at least half the volume of sales of the American auto giant in Europe. Over time, this figure will only grow in the future, due to the tightening of environmental standards, reaches 2/3 of the total volume, including a significant portion of sales of compact diesel Fiesta ECOnetic. It is worth noting that last year’s sales of the blue oval on the European car market increased by 2.4 percent and amounted to slightly less than 1.6 million vehicles.

Picture 2018-2019 Ford Fiesta ECOnetic