2018-2019 Ford Escort Concept – a new compact sedan from 2018-2019 Ford Escort

Global auto giants are fighting continuously for the Chinese car market, which is considered the most promising in the world. 2018-2019 Ford has already achieved some significant successes in winning the hearts and wallets residents of the Middle Kingdom, but is not going to take positions. Demand for the Focus in in China has grown significantly, but now local buyers offered a new model designed by taking into account their needs.

2018-2019 Ford Escort Concept is a compact sedan, which in the future should become an alternative to Focus. According to the company, Focus meets the needs of people positive emotions from driving and equipping of the technological and Escort will like customers who appreciate space in the cabin, practicality, functionality and elegant design. Both models are safe, economical and reliable, but the potential buyer at them different.

Marketers 2018-2019 Ford claimed that the new product is suitable for those customers whose needs are fully can not be satisfied to sell the car at the moment in the C-segment. The car should appeal to modern families, placing increased demands on functionality, safety and quality.

2018-2019 Ford Escort Concept has a stylish hexagonal grille, air intakes with chrome surround, LED headlights and taillights wide, connected by a rod. Unfortunately, the exact size of the car manufacturer has no effect. Experts suggest that the sedan will get the engine with a working volume of about 2 liters, but no technical details 2018-2019 Ford representatives during the presentation of the concept at the exhibition in Shanghai, did not disclose.

«2018-2019 Ford Escort will strengthen our position in China and will increase the volume of release of cars,” – said CEO of 2018-2019 Ford Motor China Jon Lawler. In the segment to which it belongs Escort, it is expected to substantial growth in sales, so the appearance of another model using the focus looks quite logical.

By , 2018-2019 Ford plans to increase the number of models sold in China, up to fifteen and to make the Asia-Pacific region at least 2.7 million. Cars a year. The exact date of dispatch represented Escort concept into series production is not yet known.

Picture 2018-2019 Ford Escort Concept