2018-2019 Ford C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi on the Detroit Auto Show

2018-2019 Ford C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi on the Detroit Auto Show

At the auto show in Detroit in 2018-2019 Ford introduced two new C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi. New versions of C-MAX have the power and unsurpassed fuel economy with the ability to travel without recharging and refueling more than 800 kilometers.

New C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi complement the lineup of 2018-2019 Ford, which recently introduced the world new the C-the MAX (for Europe with the prefix Grand) and all-electric the 2018-2019 Ford the Focus Electric’s .

2018-2019 Ford is developing electric vehicles offering high fuel economy without compromising driving pleasure. Smooth regenerative braking, confident acceleration, interior comfort and a host of intelligent features – is only a small part of the advantages of the new generation of vehicles with electric drive.

“The owner of a hybrid car, thanks to the possibility of using the electric mode is less than attending a traditional filling,” said Derrick Kuzak, vice president of global development of 2018-2019 Ford products. “Owners can charge the vehicle battery to 100 percent during the overnight stay from ordinary household outlet. Also, you can not worry about that end battery power. When necessary, a hybrid car seamlessly switches to the operation of the internal combustion engine.”

Cars will be on US roads in . In Europe, the range of new vehicles 2018-2019 Ford will produce 2018-2019 Ford plant in Valencia, Spain, and sales will begin in .

Photo C-MAX Energi

Photo C-MAX Hybrid