2018-2019 Ford B-MAX – Video New 2018-2019 Ford B-Max

At the Geneva Motor Show , 2018-2019 Ford revealed its new development «2018-2019 Ford B-MAX» – compact and economical minivan with a 3-cylinder engine, sliding rear doors and the absence of B-pillar. The company shows a first video subcompact MPV, the younger brother of the new the C-the MAX . Using as a basis «B» platform , Which is based on the latest version of the Fiesta in , make the 2018-2019 Ford B-MAX practical and attractive.

Under the hood of a new car 2018-2019 Ford employs a 1.0-liter, 3-cylinder, direct-injection and variable independently of the intake and exhaust valves, valve timing, the EcoBoost engine, which is also equipped with a control system start-stop. A small volume combined with efficiency and productivity of the main advantages of EcoBoost power unit installed on the 2018-2019 Ford B-MAX.

With compact dimensions (a length of more than 11 Fiesta and C-Max is less than 32 centimeters), 2018-2019 Ford B-MAX has a comfortable interior and an impressive luggage space. Interior flexibility allows at the combined seats to transport loads of up to 2.4 meters long, and the lack of B-pillar provides convenient and easy access for driver and passengers.

2018-2019 Ford, like other automobile manufacturers put safety first. No exception and the new 2018-2019 Ford B-MAX. Sliding doors are reinforced in such a way that in the closed position on the powerful locks, perform the function of the B-pillar and no worse than protect occupants in a side impact or rollover.

2018-2019 Ford B-MAX Video