2018-2019 Ford B-MAX – the new compact 2018-2019 Ford

2018-2019 Ford B-MAX – the new compact 2018-2019 Ford

2018-2019 Ford never ceases to please us, and the day before the opening of the Motor Show in Geneva produces information on the development of a completely new 2018-2019 Ford B-MAX, which is based on the company’s global platform B, as well as the latest version of the Fiesta in . Under the hood of the compact 2018-2019 Ford B-MAX economical three-cylinder 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine with a control system start-stop.

A special feature of the new car are sliding rear doors and no B-pillar. According to the company greater access to the front and rear seats offer comfort and flexibility. All seats, including the front passenger can be added, providing a place for the carriage of cargo up to 2350 mm long.

In addition, higher landing (2018-2019 Ford B-MAX Fiesta higher by 11 centimeters) has allowed the company, in spite of its compact size, versatile interior design and, thanks to a clever use of a useful place to ensure passenger comfort. Fully transparent panoramic roof of the car adds a feeling of space, and the use of high-quality interior materials provides comfort for the driver and for the new B-MAX passenger.

Stephen Odell, director of the European division of 2018-2019 Ford said – “It will soon be a new choice for buyers looking for a compact, stylish and versatile vehicle Miniature 2018-2019 Ford B-MAX, it is going to continue the success story of S-MAX and Galaxy with a dynamic design and unique location of the back door and. provide comfort, convenience and security. ”

The new car is longer than the Fiesta only 11 centimeters shorter than the new C-MAX is 32 centimeters. With its compact dimensions, 2018-2019 Ford B-MAX is the ideal vehicle for use in dense city traffic and offers another choice in the segment of small cars, demand for which is growing steadily.

2018-2019 Ford reports that the B-MAX safety not inferior to the latest developments of the company with a traditional body. Sidekicks, which is a weak point for the body-in B-pillars are absorbed reinforced construction frames front and rear doors. Regarding the company’s general attitude to safety, it is best to tell the crash test Fiesta . For the first time awarded the compact car five stars for safety.

2018-2019 Ford B-MAX is powered by 3-cylinder 1.0-liter engine the EcoBoost, which is equipped with direct fuel injection, turbocharging and independent adjustment of the valve timing for intake and exhaust valves. More efficient engine also features minimal harmful CO2 emissions.

2018-2019 Ford B-MAX Photo