2018-2019 Fiat Punto – new MultiJet and TwinAir for 2018-2019 Fiat Punto

Italian carmaker reported an update model range 2018-2019 Fiat Punto for the model year, which tells us about the appearance at the car even more comfortable and economical compact car with two new efficient engines. For the first time 2018-2019 Fiat Punto was released back in 1993 and since then have found more than eight and a half million owners.

2018-2019 Fiat Punto Updates include both exterior accents, including the availability of a choice of 13 colors painted in body color front and rear bumpers, as well as internal, where the developer offers two-color leather finish of the new, higher-quality materials. The front turn indicators are now integrated into the bumper flush with the number plate, and one more external focus are 15-inch alloy wheels new design.

Engines 2018-2019 Fiat Punto

Under the hood, the new Punto 2018-2019 Fiat offers a selection of ten of efficient powertrains, two of which are available for the first time.

  • 2018-2019 Fiat Punto TwinAir – petrol engine with two cylinders, the volume of 875 cubic centimeters and a capacity of 85 horsepower, which was awarded the title “International Engine of “. The turbocharged engine develops maximum power at 5 500 r / min and torque of 145 Newton meters at 2000 rev / min. New TwinAir is capable of operating in two modes, either providing the full benefit of power for sporty driving style, or, in Eco mode, the maximum possible reduction in fuel consumption of harmful emissions of just 98 grams per kilometer.
  • 2018-2019 Fiat Punto MultiJet – diesel 1.3-liter engine, which develops as 85 horsepower and uses innovative technology, making it one of the best in the class for the minimum amount of harmful emissions. For every kilometer, MultiJet 2018-2019 Fiat Punto 1.3L emits only 90 grams of CO2.

Both engines are complemented effective system of engine start / stop control, which saves up to 15 percent of the fuel in the city, turning off the engine during short stops at traffic lights and in traffic jams. Instant start-up of the power unit before the start of the movement does not create inconvenience for either the driver or the passenger, and a rich selection of 2018-2019 Fiat Punto equipment includes three trim levels Comfort, Sport and Fun to Drive (Comfort, Sport, and driving pleasure), which available with a choice of colors of flowers body 13, three of which were previously inaccessible.

Picture 2018-2019 Fiat Punto

Video 2018-2019 Fiat Punto