2018-2019 Fiat Panda – 2018-2019 Fiat Panda tuning by Novitec

2018-2019 Fiat Panda – 2018-2019 Fiat Panda tuning by Novitec

The new generation of Italian compact car 2018-2019 Fiat Panda made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in autumn , a year to the Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris in hatchback appeared two more “off-road” versions 4×4 and Trekking . It would be strange if tuning shops have not shown their interest in the popular and charismatic vehicle from Italy. This fall, on Pandu noticed specialists of the German company Novitec.

There will always be the holder of a car who wants to make his vehicle just a little special. If the owner has some rather big amount of money, the problem is simplified, and the solution of the problem of individualization can be trusted aftermarket professionals. His services to owners of 2018-2019 Fiat Panda offers the Novitec workshop, who loves watching and refinement of Italian cars, although it is in Germany.

2018-2019 Fiat Panda from Novitec has a sports exhaust system, 17-inch alloy wheels in black matte or glossy shades with low-profile tires, rear spoiler on the fifth door and a modified front bumper. The company offers a choice of two sets of suspension, one just has decreased to 35 millimeters of ground clearance, the other lets you adjust it to 30-80 millimeters. Panda with lowered suspension, so even with the black disk wheel looks sporty cheerfully and even slightly aggressive.

2018-2019 Fiat Panda Motors by Novitec

To appearance appropriate to the nature, drives a 2018-2019 Fiat Panda in a little forced. Two-cylinder TwinAir petrol engine volume of 0.9 liters is now produces 99 horsepower instead of the factory 85. 2018-2019 Fiat Panda Novitec reaches a hundred kilometers per hour in 10.1 seconds and can accelerate to maximum 188 kilometers per hour.

Diesel MultiJet working volume of 1.3 liters produced after specialists Novitec upgrades develops 90 horsepower. Recall factory engine capacity of 75 forces. Improvements have benefited, and diesel Panda came in the exponent of acceleration to 100 km / h mark in 12 seconds – it is equal to 11.9, that a second faster than the standard version. Maximum speed of the car with a modified diesel engine is 178 km / h.

Picture 2018-2019 Fiat Panda Novitec