2018-2019 Ferrari FXX K

As part of its advanced development program FXX 2018-2019 Ferrari company produced hybrid supercar FXX K, based at the La2018-2019 Ferrari. The letter K in the name of the car indicates a kinetic energy recovery system KERS. Unique sports car does not arrive on a public road and not take part in any racing. But for buyers of this in its own way interesting car in the 2018-2019 Ferrari we have provided a test program designed for two years. The owners will receive the status of the client test-pilot (Client-Test Driver) and experience all the features of a high-tech supercar.

The structure of the power plant includes a 2018-2019 Ferrari FXX K V12 petrol engine volume 6262 cc, developing 860 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque. The electric motor adds another 190 horsepower. The total output of 1,050 horsepower with a thrust of over 900 Nm. Compared with La2018-2019 Ferrari engine has undergone many changes. There were new camshafts, hydraulic tappets replaced by mechanical, modified intake system is polished in a special way. Modified exhaust system is devoid of silencers as unnecessary.

There are four modes of operation of the power plant. Qualify – maximum performance for a few laps, Long Run – optimal performance, Manual Boost – a short-term increase in thrust, Fast Charge – quick completion of charge of the traction battery. The car has electronically controlled differential E-Diff, traction control F-Trac, ABS with five modes and control system SSC slip angle with “racing” calibrations.

All changes FXX K body are compared with the La2018-2019 Ferrari. In front of the novelty a splitter with a gap in the center, set 30 millimeters lower. Flaps on the edges optimize airflow and with its lateral skirts is withdrawn from the bottom. Lifting height of the rear spoiler is increased by 60 millimeters on each side there are additional splashes together, these elements are able to create enough downforce equivalent to 540 kg at a speed of 200 km / h. Obut new 2018-2019 Ferrari FXX K to the special tires Pirelli P-Zero with the sensors by which the necessary data gets traction control F-Trac.

Photo 2018-2019 Ferrari FXX K