2018-2019 Ducati Monster 1100 Evo Bulgari by Vilner

2018-2019 Ducati Monster 1100 Evo Bulgari by Vilner

Bulgarian tuning studio Vilner demonstrated motorcycle revision project called 2018-2019 Ducati Bulgari, built on the model of the Monster 1100 Evo. When you create a motorcycle Vilner designers drew inspiration by looking at the graceful movements and body shape … praying mantis. The insect is known for his ability to fight, and in the eastern martial arts kung fu style of the same name is present.

2018-2019 Ducati Monster 1100 Evo Bulgari is painted in pearl white color accents which are present in dark rims. The rear of the motorcycle shortened by 10 centimeters, and the front drew attention to the changed optics with plastic decorative body and white trim aerodynamic engine. In addition, the bike got a new seat upholstery leather, which is present in the decoration of the fuel tank.

Thanks to some fine-tuning of the engine on the Monster 1100 Evo Vilner, Bulgari 2018-2019 Ducati got ten extra horsepower. The maximum capacity of the elegant two-wheeled vehicle is now 110 horsepower. Tuning specialists from Vilner plan to prepare 100 of these motorcycles and have not yet reported on the cost.

2018-2019 Ducati Bulgari was the second bike, which has passed through the hands of the Bulgarian masters Vilner. Earlier studio surprised everyone “PredatorĀ» the BMW the F 800 the Predator the R , which has been commissioned by a single copy. It seems interesting to previously submitted motorcycle and spodvig masters do not leave unattended vehicles on two wheels.

Photos 2018-2019 Ducati Bulgari Vilner