2018-2019 Dodge SRT Viper TA – supercar for amateurs races on the racetrack

Division Chrysler Street and Racing Technology (SRT brand) is a special version of the Viper supercar called Time Attack, designed for lovers of the races on the racetrack. The latest generation SRT Viper debuted as part of the Auto Show in New York in April . A year later, in the framework of this exhibition at the light goes Viper TA.

Track supercar tried to reduce the weight. Aluminum X-shaped brace under the hood, necessary to increase the rigidity, has been replaced by a lighter carboxylic, which allowed to increase torsional rigidity by 50 percent more. SRT Viper TA wheels shod with Sidewinder II wheels and black tires Pirelli P Zero Corsa. These discs are chosen because of their low weight. Some kilograms to win at the interior by installing lightweight Sabelt sports seats with fiberglass frame and upholstery of ballistic fabric. The seats have three-and six-point safety harness. The final weighting SRT Viper Time Attack showed curb weight of about 1519 kg.

Automobiles special version received a number of distinctive features. Track “Viper” is painted in a bright orange hue Crusher Orange, and it is possible to detect TA black logos on the front wings. The aerodynamic package for the SRT Viper TA includes a front splitter, rear spoiler and a decorative box on the back. All these elements are made of carbon fiber and black colors of the interior diluted orange accents. Suspension Bilstein Damptronic dual-mode model is similar to the Viper GTS is , but has a smaller spread between the settings and a high degree of damping.

Under the hood lurks Viper TA aluminum 8.4-liter V10 engine, which develops power of 640 horsepower and a torque of 813 Nm. As is clear, any changes to the power unit has not undergone, but the magnitude of torque is the highest among other atmospheric engines used on modern supercars.

SRT Viper TA is not intended for the general public and is designed for enthusiasts who spend their free time on the racetrack. The company plans to release a total of 33 cars available for purchase from the third quarter of .

Photo 2018-2019 Dodge SRT Viper TA