2018-2019 Dodge Avenger Blacktop – Package for 2018-2019 Dodge Avenzher

2018-2019 Dodge Avenger Blacktop – Package for 2018-2019 Dodge Avenzher

One of the most powerful American mid-size sedan 2018-2019 Dodge Avenger got Blacktop accessories package, which for a very democratic price allows you to select the car of the other of their kind, and the owner to experience the added pleasure of owning a special version.

Modification Blacktop Edition is designed on the basis of the model Avenger SXT model year. Sedan is available in black as well as red Redline Red 2 White Bright White, Tungsten Metallic tungsten and shade Billet Silver Metallic. The car has the original grille in black, tinted headlights, a rear spoiler and 18-inch aluminum wheels wheels with a touch Gloss Black.

Engine Specifications Avenger Blacktop

Stylish car is equipped with engine Pentastar V-6, a working volume of 3.6 liters capacity of 283 horsepower with a torque of 352 Nm. The engine works in conjunction with 6-speed automatic transmission and has a fairly modest performance for its fuel economy, which is on the highway is only 8 liters per hundred kilometers.

Components of the 2018-2019 Dodge Avenger Blacktop

  • Driver’s seat with power adjustable in eight directions;
  • Leather upholstery steering wheel and selector gearbox;
  • Brand, proudly referred to as the Electronic Vehicle Information Center board computer Chrysler;
  • Satellite Radio Sirius XM;
  • Six speaker system speakers.

In addition to 2018-2019 Dodge Avenger Blacktop Edition has ABS, six airbags, stability control, headlight range adjustment, climate control, and body-colored heated mirrors.

Price Avenger Blacktop Edition

In fact, the buyer will have to release Avenger SXT to pay only $ 595 to become the owner of Blacktop Edition. If the client wants to leather upholstery, the extra pay in addition $ 400 and receive a free heated front seats. The cost of a basic sedan 2018-2019 Dodge Avenger in the American car market is 18,995 dollars.

It is worth noting that buyers are interested in the car and without any special versions, providing a high level of sales and Blacktop package is not only the prerogative of the Avenger sedan. 2018-2019 Dodge produced and special editions Car Charger and Challenger model year.

Photos 2018-2019 Dodge Avenger Blacktop