2018-2019 Chevrolet Volt – the 2018-2019 Chevrolet Volt in Europe

General Motors at the Geneva Motor announced price 2018-2019 Chevrolet Volt car for the European market. Efficient cars, which has already received many awards for fuel efficiency, enters the German market at the end of this year, and then on the other markets of the continent. The initial cost of the new 2018-2019 Chevrolet Volt is 41,950 euros.

As we already know, the company provides the battery and powertrain hybrid 2018-2019 Chevrolet Volt, an eight-year warranty or mileage of 160 000 kilometers, depending on which comes first. This warranty on lithium-ion battery does not meet more at one producer of hybrid cars.

2018-2019 Chevrolet V is driven by electricity, and a small internal combustion engine to charge the battery is working and increase mileage range. Only electricity, the car can travel 40 to 80 kilometers. In the case of all fuel resources, on one charge / charging 2018-2019 Chevrolet Volt can travel up to 600 kilometers.

The car develops 368 Nm of torque available from the place and the 2018-2019 Chevrolet Volt accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in just 9 seconds. The maximum speed is electronically limited to 160 kilometers per hour. The total charge of the lithium-ion battery of the 2018-2019 Chevrolet Volt household outlet takes place for 3-4 hours.

The company said that the car, which is equipped with the latest safety features and comfortable interiors with leather seats, will appear on the roads of Europe in November this year and is planned to produce 10,000 units of 2018-2019 Chevrolet Volt before the end of the year. car prices for other European markets would be at the same level as that in Germany – from 41,950 Euros.

Besides 2018-2019 Chevrolet Volt, on the car market in Europe is supplied and brother model – of Opel the Ampera . It seems the last value will be in the same price range.

2018-2019 Chevrolet Volt Photos