2018-2019 BMW Zagato Roadster Concept – the new roadster from 2018-2019 BMW and Zagato

Every year, autoexhibition Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on the Pacific coast of California is a magnet for the most prestigious and expensive cars known manufacturers from around the world. was no exception, and with a unique McLaren X-1 Concept of the British auto show before the audience is presented a joint creation of the Germans and Italians – 2018-2019 BMW Zagato Concept version of the open-top Roadster. It is worth noting that only three months ago, the developer presented the Coupe 2018-2019 BMW Zagato cars at the exhibition Concorso d’Elleganza Villa d’Este in Italy.

2018-2019 BMW Zagato Roadster

Largest automaker 2018-2019 BMW and developer of exclusive bodywork from Italy Zagato fruitfully cooperating for many years. 2018-2019 BMW boasts unrivaled success in the development of high-tech and reliable mechanisms and Zagato lively, manual work to create gorgeous body shape. And not only Zagato is one of the few companies today, already in the third generation owned by descendants of the founder Ugo Zagato, but focuses solely on the development of the body, without interfering with the technical stuffing of the car.

The result of cooperation – which was presented recently the 2018-2019 BMW the Zagato the Coupe , and now the 2018-2019 BMW Zagato Roadster, embody years of experience in the industry’s leading automotive artists in the same car can feel confident in daily urban trips, and on the racetrack. Stunning 2018-2019 BMW Zagato Roadster forms a wide long bonnet, low-slung and classic rear-wheel drive complemented emotional interior design that in the version of the roadster even more visible and allow to fully enjoy the pleasure of driving a car with an open top.

The developers emphasize that executed in such a short time work is not limited only to “cut-off” of the roof, but also carries other structural changes. Planting a car with an open top is slightly lower, but other than that the body was a modified form of the rear wings. Interior 2018-2019 BMW Zagato Roadster, as opposed to completely black for the coupe version, is made of two colors – a combination of black and brown leather.

According to the developer brown in the case of a vehicle with an open top serves as a transition from strict black interior to the unique shape and stylish paintwork by the liquid metal. Depending on the viewpoint, body-color 2018-2019 BMW Zagato Roadster changes from dark gray to silver, giving even the vehicle is stationary the illusion of movement.

Probably many expected from the new Roadster hard, folding under the original shape of the top of the cover, but it is not. Manufacturers did not repeat the Z4 design, which is the basis for both versions, and gave 2018-2019 BMW Zagato Roadster folding soft top.

Photos 2018-2019 BMW Zagato Roadster Concept