2018-2019 BMW M5 – 2018-2019 BMW M5 sedan update

2018-2019 BMW M5 – 2018-2019 BMW M5 sedan update

The 2018-2019 BMW Group has decided on a small update M5 sedan. The car finished the design, to better highlight the sporting qualities, as well as prepared Competition Package option kit for those buyers who are in terms of sportiness are not satisfied with a simple modification. The package provides for an increase of engine power, 20-inch wheels and wheel suspension recusto


Survivor facelift 2018-2019 BMW M5 can be identified by a modified radiator grille with double slats and a logo pattern on them. Lights also updated, providing in addition to the standard xenon lights optional adaptive LED. In the latter case, a bright white light output created by a pair of LEDs arranged horizontally in each light ring lights.

The rear lights give the sedan a spectacular appearance at night thanks to a thin LED strips. Body 2018-2019 BMW M5 model year is painted in several new colors, the most successful of which the company said silver Pure Metal Silver. Inside, the updated M-ki can distinguish a steering wheel with leather trim and increase the compartment for small items under the armrest on the center console. Interior appears in the colors “beige cashmere” and “nutmeg”.

Under the hood of a sports sedan set to the familiar V8 volume of 4.4 liter engine, which develops 560 horsepower. The potential of the power unit 2018-2019 BMW M TwinPower Turbo is implemented via a 7-speed robotic gearbox with two clutches and active rear differential. Competition Package includes increasing the engine performance M5 to 575 horsepower. On the opposite side of the fence there was a braking system with carbon-ceramic discs.

Modern electronic systems are not alien to the 2018-2019 BMW M5. Serving the driver’s multimedia system with touch IDrive, decorated with chrome controller. Online Entertainment provides access to the music library of 12 million tracks, and complex Driving Assistant ensures safe driving. The driver will always be warned about the possible collision. In an emergency, the car will brake itself.

Photo 2018-2019 BMW M5