2018-2019 BMW M4 GTS

2018-2019 BMW M4 GTS

Coupe 2018-2019 BMW M4 GTS, created for the 30th anniversary of the M3 model showed a good result at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, breaking the famous race track in 7 minutes 28 seconds. This, together with some non-trivial engineering solutions to the vehicle is required to draw attention of potential buyers. By the way, the novelty does not get to everyone, since it is planned to release only 700 coupe.

In the case of the M4 GTS, developers went to the extensive use of carbon fiber. Light composite material made the roof, hood, trunk lid and spoiler. In 2018-2019 BMW M4 roof made of steel and therefore heavier than 6 kg, and the hood is made of aluminum. A modified sports exhaust system made it possible to play a couple of pounds. The resulting difference in the curb weight of the two cars turned out insignificant (minus 27 kilograms), but the novelty is lowered center of gravity, which positively affected the handling at high speed.

2018-2019 BMW M4 GTS boasts an innovative rear lights with the finest organic light emitting diode OLED. There has been a pioneer in a coupe model line of the company. Also, the car has forged rims with golden color Acid Orange, tires Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 and carbon-ceramic braking system.

Under the hood of the coupe is a six-cylinder in-line engine in volume of 3 liters, generating a power of 500 hp at 6250 rev / min and torque of 600 Newton meters in the range of 4000 to 5500 rpm. Motor was the water injection system into the intake manifold. In doing there in the form of small splashes, water reduces the temperature of the intake air. This makes it possible to lift out of the power unit and prevent detonation. As you know, the cold air is more dense and contains more oxygen share, rather than warm.

In the trunk of 2018-2019 BMW M4 GTS is found a 5-liter tank complete with pump, sensors and valves. According to the calculations of engineers, need to replenish the supply of water during each fifth filling petrol in everyday use. Acceleration from zero to hundred kilometers per hour at M4 GTS takes 3.8 seconds, top speed is 305 kilometers per hour.

The interior compartment is no rear seat, instead fans of spending time on the race track can enjoy safety cage. Bucket front seats with carbon basis trimmed dark gray Alcantara and leather Merino. An interesting feature – interior door handles are replaced by loops.

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