2018-2019 BMW M3 E92 Alpha-N Performance – Tuning 2018-2019 BMW from Alpha-N

2018-2019 BMW M3 E92 Alpha-N Performance – Tuning 2018-2019 BMW from Alpha-N

Experts of German tuning studio Alpha-N Performance are experts in preparing charged cars, which is pleasant to conquer the racing tracks. It affects the territorial proximity to the world-famous Nürburgring. Who is the master of Germany presented the modified coupe 2018-2019 BMW M3 E92. The car is designed for people who are accustomed to spend a significant amount of fuel and rent racetracks.

Revised in Alpha-N Performance 2018-2019 BMW M3 E92 is now even sportier and more aggressive. The front bumper has an impressive spoiler and large, providing good ventilation intakes brake mechanisms. On the trunk lid is placed increases the downforce spoiler, a rear bumper diffuser, coming out from under the car bottom regulates the air flow.

The aerodynamic kit made of carbon fiber. Master Alpha-N Performance established on the M3 E92 from 2018-2019 BMW sport suspension KW coupe and shod in light wheels OZ Superforgiata with sports tires Michelin Pilot Sport Cup size 265/35 R19.

The eight-cylinder engine from the 2018-2019 BMW M3 E92 Alpha-N Performance boosted to 450 horsepower. Carried out the chip-tuning of the electronic engine control unit, set the air intake system of carbon and a sports exhaust by Akropovic. All this allowed to add an extra 30 horsepower motor. Plus it is a moderate boost – not reduced service life and life of the power unit.

Inside, 2018-2019 BMW M3 E92 by Alpha-N Performance installed roll cage and racing seats Recaro Pro Racer Hans, ready to keep driver and passenger “in the saddle” in sharp high-speed turns. Price improvements car from Bavaria is not reported.

Picture 2018-2019 BMW M3 E92 Alpha-N Performance