2018-2019 BMW M3 CSL – track car from MR Car Design

REIL Performance Division of the German tuning studio MR Car Design from Erfshtadt produces a track version of the coupe 2018-2019 BMW M3 CSL (coupe sports lightweight). The car appeared in 2004 and since then has been manufactured only 1383 units of lightweight sports coupe. It is worth mentioning that the 2018-2019 BMW M3 CSL weight of only 1385 kg. That is the compartment that you see in the image on the 110 kilograms lighter than conventional M3.

They began their work Tuner MR Car Design to further reduce the weight of the car. 2018-2019 BMW M3 CSL Doors are made of carbon fiber, and in addition the specialists have replaced conventional glass at lightweight. Besides Coupe stands a huge, borrowed from the Porsche GT3 carbon fiber spoiler. As a result, the vehicle weight has decreased from 1385 to 1260 kg.

Inside the 2018-2019 BMW M3 CSL by MR Car Design is set one single sports seats and a strong safety cage. The car is not just repainted and plastered with a special film. The main color for the exterior of the compartment became dark blue, but on the back there are red lines and accents of light blue color.

The capacity of 360 horsepower generated by the in-line 6-cylinder engine the 2018-2019 BMW the M3 , experts MR Car Design was not enough. As a result, the ECU chip tuning and installation of a new exhaust system tuning masters CSL managed to force the engine to 391 horsepower.

Without upgrades have left and other aggregates lightweight sports coupe. 2018-2019 BMW M3 CSL by MR Car Design has got suspension Bilstein, brake discs from Porsche GT3, 6-piston calipers up front and 4-piston rear. Sporty character of the car underline the rims BBS Motorsport with high speed tires from Yokohama.

After the improvement of the technical characteristics of the coupe has been tested on the Nürburgring. 2018-2019 BMW M3 CSL by MR Car Design has overcome a circle on the track in 7 minutes 43 seconds, 7 seconds faster than the factory version. M-ke just one second did not have to repeat the result of a supercar the Lamborghini the Murcielago the LP 670-4 SuperVeloce, the circle has overcome the world-famous Circuit of 7.42 seconds.

Picture 2018-2019 BMW M3 CSL MR Car Design