2018-2019 BMW i8 Spyder Concept – efficiency, style and intelligence

2018-2019 BMW is actively working on a special series of «i», which includes high-tech hybrid cars, endowed with an innovative design. In the wake of the 2018-2019 BMW i3 Concept and 2018-2019 BMW i8 Concept was presented a third draft i8 Spyder – a dynamic two-seater open-top. Hybrid technology brought together the German auto giant character of the sports car with the economy, it is very relevant feature of the car today.

2018-2019 BMW i8 Spyder Concept has a lot of interesting features. It is built according to the latest LifeDrive architecture, which provides the use of light but strong materials and modular construction. Sports Concept is equipped with modern transmission the eDrive, powerful internal combustion engine, high-performance electric motor and advanced lithium-ion traction battery.

Power plant 2018-2019 BMW i8 Spyder Concept is set at 354 horsepower, which implies a sporty dynamics, and when combined with a good weight distribution and a low center of gravity, the car has excellent controllability. Driving pleasure guaranteed.

Just a year ago, 2018-2019 BMW was demonstrated by the concept i8, which became the prototype of the current i8 Spyder. High-tech hybrid had 4 seats, made according to the formula 2 +2. New hybrid with an open top is equipped with only two seats, but, except for efficiency, technology and design, can provide the driver with more and unique driving experience.

Wheelbase and overall length i8 Spyder is somewhat shorter than the 2018-2019 BMW i8. Compact dimensions combined with impressive appearance with an unusual design doors lend hybrid sports dynamism. Modular LifeDrive architecture ensures excellent driver and passenger safety, used in the decoration of light materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum and reinforced plastic.

Design 2018-2019 BMW i8 Spyder Concept has turned rigid at the same time, light and functional. Its feature was the so-called energy tunnel between the front and rear axle, which has found a place traction battery. This arrangement has become the key to a low center of gravity.

Placing the power plant has not changed in comparison with the model 2018-2019 BMW i8. The front axle rotates the Spyder version 96 kilowatt electric motor that in terms of the more familiar to motorists characteristics equal to 131 horsepower. Classic petrol engine produces 223 internal combustion power to the rear wheels.

The total capacity of high-tech power unit from 2018-2019 BMW is equal to 354 horsepower with a torque of 550 Nm. All this allows you to overclock the i8 Spyder Concept to one hundred in 5 seconds, and top speed is electronically limited to 250 km / h. For all its dynamic performance and power smart “eight” is content with only a three-liter petrol per hundred kilometers.

2018-2019 BMW i8 Spyder Concept’s unique battery can be charged not only in movement but also from ordinary household outlet. On a full charge will require at least two hours. For accommodation expense “batteries” in the above energy tunnel, the car received a perfect weight distribution on the axes 50 to 50 percent. Do not use gasoline engine, i8 Spyder overcomes the electric range to 30 kilometers.

Another unique feature of the car – the choice of the drive. The concept car from 2018-2019 BMW can be front-wheel drive or posterior depending on the wishes of the driver, while remaining cost-effective, but at the same time sporty vehicle.

Planting in the cabin 2018-2019 BMW i8 Spyder Concept, as befits a sports car is low, but comfortable. Ergonomics in the German hybrid on top, all the controls are conveniently located very informative display diagonal of 22.4 cm provides all the necessary data. The decoration of high-quality plastic used in conjunction with the skin, and their bold gray and orange color scheme adds a sporty hybrid emotions.

Backlight elliptical dashboard 2018-2019 BMW i8 Spyder Concept is changed from blue to orange if the driver moves from the energy-saving ECO PRO mode in sports. Also available, and other data, such as the use of power units, the traction battery charging, navigation map. All screens 2018-2019 BMW i8 Spyder Concept support 3D mode, and have high clarity.

2018-2019 BMW i8 Spyder Concept surprise their intellectual abilities. Car Electronics takes into account the travel route, the speed limit on it, traffic jams and congestion, adapts to the driving style. All this leads to the optimization of fuel consumption and more efficient operation of the transmission. It is safe to call the 2018-2019 BMW i8 Spyder Concept smart car of the future.

Photos 2018-2019 BMW i8 Spyder Concept