2018-2019 BMW i3 – city car concept from Bavaria

2018-2019 BMW, except for sports «i8», shows the concept of «i3» – a car for everyday urban use. Compact Car 2018-2019 BMW i3 drives a 170-hp electric motor, for which energy is stored in a lithium-ion battery with water cooling.

And i8 and i3 uses a new concept of modular vehicle – «LifeDrive». Developer harmoniously and optimally combines three key points that characterize the new concept car 2018-2019 BMW i3.

  • Overcoming long distances at no additional charge;
  • Sport inherent electric cars driving dynamics;
  • Providing superior safety for the driver and passengers.

Achieve outstanding safety performance of the new 2018-2019 BMW i3 in the event of a collision, mileage range on a single charge and sporting driving dynamics, it promoted the use of innovative, lightweight and durable materials in the construction of the car body.

170 horsepower and available from the place of maximum torque of 250 Newton-meters, allows the motor to accelerate from the i3 2018-2019 BMW from 0 to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds and to 100 mph in less than 8 seconds. In addition, excellent maneuverability and a small turning circle, making it easy to park in tight i3 urban environments.

The electric motor is located above the rear axle 2018-2019 BMW i3 and drives the rear wheels. Electric Hatchback with rear-wheel drive optimally balanced in weight, which makes it stable and easily manageable. The center of gravity is lowered due to the battery location in the «Drive» module, a flat floor in the «Life» module, which allows the use of double seats for front and rear passengers, providing an impressive 200 liters of interior space of a compact 2018-2019 BMW i3, whose length is less than four meters.

Coolant battery can be charged from a household outlet to the 80 per cent charge for an hour. A more powerful battery charger will fully charge the battery in less than two hours. Estimated driving range 2018-2019 BMW i3 by without recharge the battery with energy from an external source, is 150 kilometers. In addition, during braking and coasting, the high voltage generator produces energy to maintain the battery in good shape, during the trip.

The company says that if you will not be sufficient driving range of electric compact car models, for a significant expansion planned 2018-2019 BMW i3 grade efficient internal combustion engine mileage range.

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