2018-2019 BMW Gran Coupe – a presentation of the 2018-2019 BMW Gran Coupe

The car called 2018-2019 BMW Concept Gran Coupe presented at the international motor show in Beijing and probably for the foreseeable future, we will see it on the market as an offshoot of the 6-Series 2018-2019 BMW.

2018-2019 BMW Concept Gran Coupe – the four-door coupe with a long wheelbase, short overhangs, flat silhouette and pronounced coupĂ© profile. Thus, the car combines an exciting design of a sports car with the functionality of Gran Turismo, and therefore are more visually attractive alternative to the sedan 5 Series 2018-2019 BMW.

With a total length of nearly five meters 2018-2019 BMW Gran Coupe in the same league as the sedan and 5-Series. With a height of only 1.40 meters, Gran Coupe is 15 centimeters lower than a 2018-2019 BMW 5 Series. For a sense of even higher quality four-door coupe has frameless windows.

Official information about the beginning of serial production 2018-2019 BMW Gran Coupe the German automaker has not yet reported. Perhaps, as in the case of the 2018-2019 BMW Z4 Coupe worth the wait the first reaction to the car, before reporting on production plans for the release of the production version.

Video and photos of 2018-2019 BMW Concept Gran Coupe, in this case to tell much more than words can say.

2018-2019 BMW Gran Coupe Photos

Video presentation of 2018-2019 BMW Gran Coupe