2018-2019 BMW – G-Power M3 Tornado CS and G-Power M3 GT2 S

2018-2019 BMW – G-Power M3 Tornado CS and G-Power M3 GT2 S

After the recent victory 2018-2019 BMW M3 on the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring, the company reported the release of the special model 2018-2019 BMW M3 Clubsport.

Produce will be 2 models G-POWER M3 TORNADO CS and the G-POWER M3 GT2 S. Both vehicles are equipped with a supercharger G-Power SK II CS, lightweight wheels and a system of “Clubsport”.

The power of both machines is 600 horsepower and 580 Nm of torque, resulting in a theoretical maximum speed of over 320 km / h.

GT2 S G-Power Motorsport first official sports car that can be purchased for € 139 495. It is noticeable that the GT2 S is a little different than the regular 2018-2019 BMW M3. Furthermore, weight of the vehicle as compared with the base model is reduced to 150 kg.

It is reported that the cost of the package, which will transform your 2018-2019 BMW M3 in “Tornado” CS is € 10800. The price includes – installing a supercharger, titanium exhaust system, installation of new air intakes and setup. The changes relate to the cabin seats from GT2 S.