2018-2019 BMW ePatrol Concept – the future of transport police

2018-2019 BMW ePatrol Concept – the future of transport police

As part of the auto show in Los Angeles design competition held annually. In , the participants were asked to think it over a police car sample 2025. Designers did not restrict the flight of his imagination, showing a truly futuristic projects. Similar concepts are not observed, as all the participants, including 2018-2019 BMW’s ePatrol, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Subaru and others are trying to take the location of the jury of his personality.

Previously, the present furore has made SUV Mercedes Ener-G-Force – A patrol jeep, created “based on” the legendary Gelandewagen model. Where more modest yet proved to be the Japanese, showing a smaller Subaru Automated Highway Response Concept or abbreviated SHARC. Their compatriots from Honda efforts of two teams have come up with three cars at once (if you can call it that) for 2025, the traffic police. But most surprising of 2018-2019 BMW project called ePatrol Concept. The creators clearly have reviewed or re-read fiction.

2018-2019 BMW ePatrol Concept is a modular vehicle designed to control the increased traffic on the roads, that everything else is moving at great speed. The 2018-2019 BMW believe that the tubes will not be in 2025, but the work of the police added. To help the police come robotic drones. The car is still a concept ePatrol from 2018-2019 BMW, will carry three additional modules, which are unmanned vehicles, ie those most drones. One of them is able to fly, the other two are moving on the road.

Since the car 2018-2019 BMW ePatrol has no traditional windows, a police officer is the main module and monitors the environmental situation in the vast, the replacement windshield touch screen. The aerodynamic shape is ideal ePatrol and housing material made of carbon fiber, resin, fabric and reinforced with aluminum wire. Robotic drones easily keep track of suspicious car, and shall give all the necessary information to the police. If necessary, the offender can quickly stop using acting on the motor vehicle criminal impulse.

If the project is 2018-2019 BMW ePatrol Concept ever becomes a reality, then the offenders will not be any chance to escape punishment.

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