2018-2019 BMW Concept M5  – first look at the new sports sedan M5

2018-2019 BMW Concept M5 – first look at the new sports sedan M5

German car designer introduced a new model 2018-2019 BMW Concept M5 model year. The new M5 sports sedan in , except for the external update offers increased performance and improved drivability, with reduced fuel consumption.

Four sporty 2018-2019 BMW Concept M5 is designed for five comfortable seats, details of arrangement which the manufacturer has not yet reported. From the innovations on road performance 2018-2019 BMW Concept M5, it is worth noting an independent system of distribution of torque between the rear wheels, during the passage of high-speed cornering. This allows the car to take turns at a faster rate even at a slippery road surface.

Under the hood 2018-2019 BMW Concept M5 vysokooborotisty installed a new engine V8, which uses TwinPower Turbo technology. 2018-2019 BMW says that an increase in engine performance compared to the fourth generation of powertrain the M5, reducing fuel consumption and emissions 2018-2019 BMW Concept M5 reaches 25 percent.

The car is conducive to better cooling of the 2018-2019 BMW Concept M5 brakes, forged 20-inch wheels shod in Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. Dimensions, providing excellent grip tires for the front wheels make 265/35 ZR20s, and rear 295/35 ZR20s.

2018-2019 BMW also focuses on the newly developed brake system which is able to work effectively even at high loads and an ideal design complement each other – the engine / PPC / suspension. 7-speed gearbox 2018-2019 BMW Concept M5 double-clutch Drivelogic redesigned and configured exclusively for the new eight-cylinder engine.

High levels of efficiency of use of fuels have become available thanks to the Auto Start Stop engine control functions, which completely disables the internal combustion engine when stopping at intersections, and instantly restarts it when the driver takes his foot off the brake pedal.

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