2018-2019 BMW C Evolution

Already on sale soon will be a new maxi scooters 2018-2019 BMW C Evolution, the official presentation of which took place at the Frankfurt Show. Now famously cut the city can run on electricity. Well-received alternative petrol models C 600 Sport and C 650 GT, combine ride quality motorcycle with full mobility scooter. Now add to this zero emissions and no need for gasoline.

The company long and painstakingly working on innovation . In developing the C Evolution posed functionality and everyday practicality at the forefront. The scooter has no frame in the traditional sense of the word. At the heart of the new two-wheeled vehicle from 2018-2019 BMW Motorrad is cast aluminum housing for modules, lithium-ion battery capacity of 8 kWh with air cooling.

Rated power electric motor is 11 kW (15 horsepower) peak – 35 kW (47 l / s) and maximum torque is 72 Nm. Electric maxi scooter is capable of accelerating from zero to 50 kilometers per hour in 2.7 seconds. Acceleration from 0-100 km / h takes 6.2 seconds, and a novice here surpasses some of his classmates, equipped with conventional petrol engines in volume of 600 cubic centimeters.

Maximum speed force is electronically limited to 120 kilometers per hour. energy reserves will be enough to overcome the distance of 100 kilometers, a lot will depend on the selected driving mode. There are four: Road, Eco Pro, Sail and Dynamic. Charging is carried out by a network of 220 volts and takes three to four hours.

White-green color 2018-2019 BMW C Evolution with shades Light White Electric Green and displays the combination of excellent dynamic performance and environmental friendliness. Scooter got LED optics, brake system with ABS and heated handles. All necessary information (current speed, battery charge status, power reserve) is displayed on the color TFT display. Torque Control Assist System, the control torque assists the driver when pulling away or in poor rear wheel traction with the road surface.

Photos 2018-2019 BMW C Evolution