2018-2019 BMW C evolution – Electric scooter from 2018-2019 BMW

2018-2019 BMW C evolution – Electric scooter from 2018-2019 BMW

As you know, 2018-2019 BMW is not only engaged in the production of luxury cars, but also a great motorcycle that proves the new C evolution. Two-wheeler division in charge of 2018-2019 BMW Motorrad, which experts have reached the final stage in the development of the scooter running with the help of the electric motor only. task was to create a well adapted to urban use, environmentally friendly and mobile vehicle in front of them.

A second requirement of the company handled more quickly by providing two maxi scooters – C 600 Sport and C 650 GT. Motorcycles perfectly combine the traditional strength and power of 2018-2019 BMW Motorrad with the maneuverability of the ordinary scooter. Do not become procrastinate and find solutions to environmental problems. In , the concept was demonstrated by 2018-2019 BMW E-Scooter, resulting in improvements to the emergence of the first few prototypes of Series C evolution.

2018-2019 BMW C evolution elektroskuter have an innovative electric drive system with a liquid-cooled generator, a toothed belt drive and the planetary gearbox. Power plant capacity is 11 kW (peak – 35 kW), which is enough to provide a scooter maximum speed of 120 km / h. Dynamic Acceleration 2018-2019 BMW C evolution is comparable to maxi scooters equipped with a traditional gasoline engine with a displacement of 600 cubic centimeters.

According to 2018-2019 BMW Motorrad, capacitance C evolution of the traction battery enough to overcome the 100 kilometers distance. Charge the battery can be from a household outlet via the built-in charger for three hours. The cord is hidden in a special compartment provided for. When coasting or braking is applied regenerative operation by which the battery will receive an additional charge of serving.

A lot of attention was paid to the designers operating temperature of the traction battery by placing it in a cast aluminum housing, which has become part of the chassis. Thanks to the aerodynamic optimization of the heat is dissipated efficiently by air. Developers ensure that the battery will retain their original container in operation for many years. 2018-2019 BMW C evolution deprived of the traditional frame and is providing good maneuverability in urban low center of gravity and excellent driving stability when driving on motorways.

Safety at height in any vehicle from Bavaria. Was no exception and scooter C evolution, 2018-2019 BMW which is equipped with a powerful brake discs with a diameter of 270 mm, two-piston calipers and two-channel ABS system.

In front of the electric scooter from 2018-2019 BMW worth 40-mm inverted fork. The rear suspension consists of a single-sided swingarm with adjustable shock absorber. Suspension travel both front and rear is 115 mm. 2018-2019 BMW C evolution moves on the roads on wheels with 15-inch alloy wheels.

Rear Wheel Size C evolution from 2018-2019 BMW is 160/60 R-15, front – 120/70 R-15. Special tires have reduced Metzeler Feelgreen 25 percent rolling resistance (as compared with a series of Metzeler Feelfree) potential and high mileage.

Innovative scooter got a nice design and a special blue-green coloring. If you look at the 2018-2019 BMW C evolution closely, the transitions between colors and forms, the details you can see the boomerang. The design of the dashboard, the main element of which was the TFT monitor, borrowed from the electric 2018-2019 BMW i3. In addition to speed, he informs the driver about the battery level.

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