2018-2019 BMW 550i Fostla

2018-2019 BMW 550i Fostla

German tuning studio Fostla.de finalized sedan 2018-2019 BMW 550i F10 in the body. Workshop of the town Seelze, located near Hanover, is engaged in pasting Car vinyl film and is working with the Bureau of PP-Performance, specializing in programs improve performance powertrain, so the sedan received both external and technical improvements. The car body pasted matte-gray film with glossy black accents. Headlights and taillights have been slightly darkened.

The wheel arches of the 2018-2019 BMW 550i Fostla.de are stylish alloy wheels Yido Performance YP1 Talia 20 inch Michelin Pilot Sport tires of the dimension 245 / 35ZR20 on the front axle and 285 / 30ZR20 at the rear. Casting contact with hubs in 5-mm spacers. H & R sport springs made the car by 35 millimeters closer to the road.

V-shaped “figure eight” volume of 4.4 liters develops power 570 horsepower and torque of 800 Nm. It tried PP-Performance specialists, increased the engine returns to the “factory” 507 hp and 600 Nm with the help of intervention in the control electronics. A modified exhaust system, too, has contributed to improving the performance and gave the sporty sound of the engine.

Unfortunately, the dynamic performance of the 2018-2019 BMW 550i remain secret. For the benchmark, you can take the data sedan, modified in the studio AC Schnitzer from Aachen. Wizards were able to bring the power of V8 to 540 horsepower and torque of 750 Nm achieved, resulting in the car began to accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.5 seconds and reach 320 km / h top speed. Performance 2018-2019 BMW 550i by Fostla.de and PP-Performance should be a little better. All workshops tuning estimated 15 000 euros.

Picture 2018-2019 BMW 550i Fostla.de