2018-2019 BMW 530d GT – Hamann Motorsports

2018-2019 BMW 530d GT – Hamann Motorsports

Hamann Motorsports, Tuner 2018-2019 BMW, Land Rover and Ferrari, took the 2018-2019 BMW 530d GT. Based on the descriptions of Hamann, one would expect that the car will be stunning. Unfortunately, it is not.

The 530D GT improved suspension settings across the entire spectrum, added front / rear spoilers, a rear bumper is specially prepared for the new muffler Hamann.

530D GT uses a tuning chip, which made it possible to raise output by 30 horsepower and get the output of 275 horsepower (and huge torque – 620 Nm / 457 Nm); Standard wheels from Hamann.

Hamann said the car was “unusual, multi-purpose vehicle and the top-class.” Although in fact, Hamann well tuned car in a classic case.

Picture 2018-2019 BMW 530d GT