2018-2019 BMW 335i MB Individual

2018-2019 BMW 335i MB Individual

Atelier MB Individual Cars demonstrated all its possibilities to finalize the car on the example of the versatile 2018-2019 BMW 335i Touring E91 in the body. External conversion consist in changing the color of the body and replace some parts factory in the aftermarket. Also significantly increased efficiency of the power unit.

The studio, located in the German city of Augsburg, granted Black 2018-2019 BMW 335i Touring, which first has got a new front bumper from a compartment 1 Series M, otherwise the hood, M-Performance rear bumper with diffuser, side mirrors on the M3 E90 body, wider thresholds and even altered light engineering. Body repaint did not, deciding to invite to participate in the process of tuning studio 2M-Designs professionals. As a result, the exterior was transfigured vinyl film glossy shades of blue in front of a shift in the blue matte finish in the back of the wagon.

On the back are the names of manufacturers of components available in the car. One of the stickers on the side says that the 2018-2019 BMW 335i Touring from MB Individual Cars in Diewe Wheels shod wheels. On casting series Impatto black mounted Hankook EVO S1 tire dimensions 235 / 30ZR20 on the front axle and 265 / 25ZR20 at the rear. Installing larger wheels than the factory demanded the use of the hub spacers H & R.

Inline 6-cylinder engine in volume of 3 liters was successfully boosted from 306 to 400 horsepower with the help of chip-tuning, the upgraded intake and sport exhaust system with two 90-mm pipes endpoints. Atelier there was nothing to report how much has changed the dynamic characteristics of the Bavarian practical sports car.

Picture 2018-2019 BMW 335i Touring MB Individual Cars