2018-2019 BMW 3-Series Touring – update sports wagon 2018-2019 BMW 3 Series

Touring 2018-2019 BMW 3-Series Touring in the new model year brings even more practicality and comfort with the increase in interior space and increase the efficiency of the entire range of petrol and diesel engines. Elegant Touring 3-Series from 2018-2019 BMW has grown in size and become less consume fuel, but has not lost the familiar to fans of the brand sports management dynamics.

The length of the 2018-2019 BMW 3-Series Touring added 97 millimeters, and the wheelbase has increased by 50 mm. Also, increased track front and rear wheels, but due to the size of the growth of a new wagon manufacturer has provided a significant increase comfort and spaciousness inside the vehicle. wagon seat backs fold in the ratio of 40:20:40, which offers additional flexibility for 2018-2019 BMW 3 Touring when transporting large cargoes of different shape and size of the trunk added in comparison with its predecessor of 35 liters and became the owner of 495 liters of volume, with full cabin of passengers. The maximum amount of space for luggage at the combined rear seats is an impressive 1,500 liters of volume.

The dimensions of the 2018-2019 BMW 3-Series Touring

Another universal possibility of the new 2018-2019 BMW 3-Series Touring is a functional rear door with an electric drive. By pressing a button the driver door can not only automatically opened, and closed independently. In addition, to load small items of luggage provided only open window of the door, which is very convenient in a limited to full lift space, as in the case of busy hands, the alternative press of a button is a movement of the foot under the bumper of the updated 2018-2019 BMW 3-Series Touring, which also activates the opening and allow hands-free, which is located in the new wagon luggage after shopping.

In addition to the new wagon is available sports package M Sport, which includes both external and internal improvements. The aerodynamic kit consists of many parts of the body, which blend harmoniously with the 18 or 19-inch wheels with a lightweight and durable disks of original design. Inside the 2018-2019 BMW 3-Series Touring M Sport driver and passengers will enjoy sports seats with special upholstery and a leather steering wheel.

The automaker characterizes the new 2018-2019 BMW 3-Series Touring model year, not only as a versatile vehicle with a comfortable and practical interior, but also as a dynamic vehicle with a sporty character. It contributes to the optimal combination of efficiency of fuel-efficient engines and advanced suspension technology, which in bulk is made of lightweight and durable aluminum alloy.

Steering with the smart electric amplifier from 2018-2019 BMW contributes to decent handling updated Touring 3-Series, and for versions with powerful engines as standard the system is installed varies depending on the situation, the steering effort, which provides additional safety when driving at speed, and allows no labor to control the car when parking or other close maneuvers that require intensive rotation of the steering wheel.

Under the bonnet of the new 2018-2019 BMW 3 the Series, the Touring at the initial stage, there are three effective engine for 328i models, 330d and 320d Touring, all of which are equipped with a control system start-stop and transfer torque to the rear wheels through a manual sports box with six gears. Only a pair of 3.0-liter engine provides a standard 330d Touring setting high-performance automatic transmission with eight gears, which for other models available as an option.

Engines new versatile 3-Series from 2018-2019 BMW

2018-2019 BMW 328i Touring

The all-aluminum petrol engine 2018-2019 BMW 328i Touring TwinPower Turbo has a capacity of 1997 cm3 and equipped with up-torque Twin Scroll Turbo technology. Power of the power unit as much as possible is available at 5000 rpm and makes 245 horsepower with a torque of 350 Nm develops in the range from 1 250 to 4 800 r / min. New touring 328i Touring accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in six seconds flat and a top speed of the car is electronically limited to 250 kilometers per hour.

2018-2019 BMW 328i Touring according to the developer consumes just 6.8 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. This 10 percent reduction in consumption compared to the version of the 325i Touring, whose capacity is more modest 218 horsepower. An additional reduction of consumption provides an automatic transmission with eight gears, which consumption is reduced to 6.5 liters per hundred.

2018-2019 BMW 330d Touring

2018-2019 BMW 330d Touring completes the diesel 3.0-liter engine, which has a six-cylinder, and gives a much better performance than its predecessor. Engine torque increased by 20 Nm and is 560 Newton-meters, and power added to 10 kW, the engine makes 258 horsepower owner.

Lightweight, made of aluminum alloy engine in combination with 8-speed automatic transmission accelerates the car from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 5.6 seconds, with an average diesel consumption of 5.1 liters per 100 kilometers with CO2 emissions of 135 hazardous grams per kilometer. Electronics 2018-2019 BMW 330d Touring, too, will not give the new wagon to disperse more than 250 kilometers per hour maximum speed.

2018-2019 BMW 320d Touring

The two-liter diesel 320d Touring has undergone very significant changes. Motor power remained unchanged and amounts to 184 horsepower, but thanks to powertrain refinements became more frugal fuel spend, on average 4.7 liters of which is sufficient to cover a distance of 100 kilometers. The new wagon is able to perform the acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 7.7 seconds, aided by 380 Newton-meters of torque and develop maximum 230 kilometers per hour. 2018-2019 BMW says that the efficiency of the diesel engine further increases when paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission that reduces fuel consumption to 4.6 liters per 100 kilometers.

In the near future powertrain line will add another three engine models 2018-2019 BMW 320i Touring, 318d and 316d Touring . Petrol 320i happy number 184 horsepower with a maximum torque of 270 Nm from 1250 rpm and diesel – owners of 116 and 143 hp power of forces for 316d and 318d Touring versions, respectively.

According to the car manufacturer from Bavaria, the highlight of the interior of the new 3-Series Touring from 2018-2019 BMW is a color Head-Up Display of the new generation, which projects the information onto the windshield in a convenient viewing area for the driver. Systems and security assistance include notification of Lane Departure and an obstacle to the movement. The car automatically activates the safety function warns the driver and he will perform braking if it detects an obstacle in the way.

Parking Assistant new universal 2018-2019 BMW 3-Series Touring will require only the driver pressing the gas pedal and brake, even when parallel parking and automatic headlights will switch on their own near and distant light, depending on the circumstances on the road. In addition, the lighting system can not switch the high beam headlights provide excellent visibility without harming the steering oncoming traffic, automatically dimming beam headlights directed at oncoming traffic.

Picture 2018-2019 BMW 3-Series Touring