2018-2019 Bentley EXP10 Speed-6 Concept

One of the most prominent participants in the exhibition held in March in Geneva was a 2-seater coupe 2018-2019 Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 Welcome to Switzerland with Albion. In concept has all the necessary potential to in the near future to evolve into a production model and take a seat next to the Continental GT. As long as the manufacturer has made an emphasis on the exterior design trends and “teased” the public sumptuous interior, so on some next major review of the conceptual sports car will again surprise and its technical characteristics.

The car attracts attention coloring British Racing Green with a metallic tint. In a huge grille almost rectangular shape three-dimensional cell. Lights on closer inspection, are striking in their complex structure – 2018-2019 Bentley always pay enough attention to small and imperceptible at first glance the details. The body is a harmonious blend of sharp and smooth lines. Wheels with five-spoke design allow enough admire the powerful brakes, specially accentuated copper tint. Taillights 2018-2019 Bentley EXP 10 Speed ​​6 Concept made in the form of an ellipse, it echoed shiny exhaust pipes.

Salon trimmed with brown leather and partially decorated with cherry wood. There are accents of aluminum and copper. Digital dashboard peacefully coexists with a mechanical tachometer. On the seats and door cards stёzhka is present in the form of a diamond, and is located a curved 12-inch touchpad on the center console, which manages the various onboard systems.

If the technical characteristics of the remains is to reflect on their own, then the approximate price of the new coupe from 2018-2019 Bentley called for another showroom. If the sports car went into production right now, it would cost the customer a minimum of 120 thousand pounds.

Photo 2018-2019 Bentley EXP 10 Speed ​​6 Concept