2018-2019 Audi S3 Sportback – performance hatchback from 2018-2019 Audi

2018-2019 Audi S3 Sportback new generation aspires to the highest place in the list of charged hatchbacks. The key to excellent speakers are light weight and powerful engine. The driver can influence the character of the car with the help of 2018-2019 Audi Drive Select system, which is standard equipment.

4-cylinder turbo TFSI volume of 2 liters has an output of 300 horsepower at 5500 rev / min and torque of 380 Nm in a broad range from 1800 to 5500 rpm. In the case of the 2018-2019 Audi S3 Sportback the best companion of the engine is the 6-speed robotic gearbox S-tronic dual-clutch rather than the traditional mechanics. With high-tech machine German hatchback accelerates to a hundred kilometers per hour in just five seconds. With the 6-speed manual transmission to disperse hundreds of student’s record will take 5.5 seconds.

The maximum speed is limited to 2018-2019 Audi S3 Sportback to 250 km / h. Average fuel consumption in the car with the S-tronic gearbox is 6.9 l / 100 km to 7 liters in versions with conventional manual transmission. Compared with the previous generation 2018-2019 Audi S3 Sportback novelty consumes half a liter less fuel to overcome the distance of one hundred kilometers. The weight of the power unit to reduce 5 kilogram and placed in the engine compartment with a 12-degree tilt back.

Fighting overweight vehicle benefited in improving dynamic performance. Curb weight of the new 2018-2019 Audi S3 Sportback is 1445 kilograms, 70 kilos less than the previous model. 59 percent of the weight on the front axle, 41 – on the back.

2018-2019 Audi S3 Sportback is endowed with sports suspension, the Quattro all-wheel drive, electronic stability control and high-performance braking system with 340 mm discs at the front and black calipers (red – optional). On alloy wheels wheels are mounted low-profile tires with low rolling resistance 225/40 R18.

2018-2019 Audi Drive Select system affect the operation of the electronic gas pedal, the shift points S-tronic automatic transmission and steering wheel effort. If installed hatchback suspension magnetic ride, then it is also regulated by setting the above-mentioned system. The driver can only choose your preferred mode – Comfort, Auto, Dynamic and Efficiency. In the 2018-2019 Audi S3 Sportback Multimedia MMI Radio system available and the fifth mode, providing individual settings.

Photos 2018-2019 Audi S3 Sportback