2018-2019 Audi S3 Sedan ABT

2018-2019 Audi S3 Sedan ABT

Atelier ABT Sportsline offers the owners of a sports sedan 2018-2019 Audi S3 make your car more powerful and faster. Also on the choice of the customer there are different variations of rims, accessories for interior and exterior. The front fenders sedan can decorate plates of ABS-plastic, in the door set the backlight to the studio logo and interior complement the branded floor mats.

The main part of the German car program is finalized – increased productivity of the power unit. With the factory settings TFSI engine capacity of 2 liters develops power 300 horsepower and torque of 380 Nm. After the intervention of specialists ABT output increased to 370 horsepower and 460 Newton – meters, which now allows sports sedan 0.4 seconds faster to accelerate from zero to hundred kilometers per hour. Now, this sprint takes 4.5 seconds.

Maximum speed limiter, before upsetting 2018-2019 Audi S3 to 250 kilometers per hour, now works on the 265, which is a very welcome addition to chip-tuning. For motor owner should not worry. “Sit on the seat, the acceleration and have fun” – such recommendation gives customers the studio head Hans-Jürgen Abt.

ABT Sportsline offers for 2018-2019 Audi S3 Sedan wheels wheel series DR, ER-C and CR dimensions 18,19 and 20 inches with a dark gray or black color. It is worth noting that such a package of improvements in autumn had a 3-door version S3.

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