2018-2019 Audi Nanuk quattro Concept

Supercar with opportunities SUV 2018-2019 Audi Nanuk quattro has some chances for mass production. The Germans followed closely the reaction of the public and automotive journalists on the concept coupe-crossover during the last exhibition in Frankfurt. Impressive appearance novelty was the result of joint work of the 2018-2019 Audi designers and Italdesign Giugiaro.

Sports car is equally well suited for highway, race track and country roads. High ground clearance ensures freedom of movement of the car, we should not ignore the four-wheel drive Quattro. The concept is based on an aluminum frame 2018-2019 Audi Space Frame, and the body parts are made of carbon fiber. The car, though ranked as crossovers, but apparently made by the canons of supercars.

With a length of 4541 mm, 1990 mm wide and quite small in height 1337 mm (thanks to the adjustable clearance) prototype more like a rapid coupe. wheelbase length of 2710 millimeters. Emphasis is placed on huge wheels, with stand out 22-inch wheels with tires 235 / 50R22 front and 295 / 45R22 at the rear. Branded hexagonal grille is framed by metal. Under Matrix LED expressive headlights are large air intakes for the ventilation of the front brake. Places mirrors took the camera.

Supercar is a mid-layout. 2018-2019 Audi Nanuk is equipped with a diesel engine V10 TDI with a displacement of 5 liters placed in front of the rear axle. Power twin-turbo engine makes 544 horsepower, torque is 1,000 Nm and is being implemented with the help of a 7-speed robotized gearbox S tronic.

Diesel with incredible traction easily accelerates the car with a curb weight of 1900 kilograms from zero to hundred kilometers per hour in 3.8 seconds and allows you to dial 305 km / h top speed. Against the background of excellent performance and excellent dynamic performance looks amazing average fuel consumption, declared by the manufacturer at 7.8 liters per 100 kilometers. The supercar from 2018-2019 Audi obtained economically.

As mentioned above, the clearance may vary. Adaptive air suspension with electronically controlled shock absorbers able to do it on their own, taking into account the data of the route from the navigation system. The driver has the possibility to reduce the clearance of 30 millimeters or 40 millimeters to increase compared with the conventional value.

Everything else, Nanuk Concept has polnoupravlyaemym chassis with “thrusters” rear wheels. On small and medium speeds they turn to an angle of nine degrees in the opposite direction of the front wheels, reducing the turning radius. At high speeds the rear wheels work in unison with the front, which improves vehicle stability and confidence the passage of high-speed cornering.

Photos 2018-2019 Audi Nanuk quattro Concept