2018-2019 Aston Martin RapidE Concept

The company 2018-2019 Aston Martin in the event, Lancaster House has demonstrated a concept sports liftbek RapidE with an electric motor. Information manufacturer unveiled very little, however, during the presentation of the project officials about something said. According to preliminary data, the serial production of electric vehicle fast start in 2017.

Now the sides are studying future prospects very interesting model. The British and Chinese partners from the investment group ChinaEquity do not intend to be limited to one modification, providing for the most discerning customers a special offer.

Outwardly, 2018-2019 Aston Martin RapidE Concept (large letter E at the end of the model name hints at the electric traction) is similar to the serial Rapide S, equipped with a gasoline engine V-12. Recall, 6-liter naturally aspirated engine volume of 6 liters develops power of 558 horsepower with a torque of 620 Nm. The prototype was an innovative propulsion system developed by Williams.

According to unofficial information, the electric motor generates 550 horsepower, which is almost comparable to the V-12. Link rear axle wheels is realized, and the charge is stored in a lithium-ion battery, which provides the capacity range of up to 320 kilometers.

As expected, a charged modification 2018-2019 Aston Martin RapidE will be equipped with four electric motors with total capacity of 1,000 horsepower. About the possible price of the supercar scary to think, if we consider that the basic RapidE already estimated a minimum of 200 000 pounds sterling. In the year it is planned to issue no more than 400 electric vehicles, so Tesla Model S P85D (the most expensive version) can feel safe.

Photos 2018-2019 Aston Martin RapidE Concept